Thursday, July 14, 2011

We have had a lot of fun at the aquatic center this summer. We didn't get our bums there until
Late late June, but have gone quite faithfully when we are in town!

Beck and his friend, Jackson Mohs. I credit Jackson for any of
Beck's swimming skills. Beck is usually pretty timid around water (I'm guessing he gets it from me!) but Jackson is a fish, so Bdck just follows him in. He has been jumping off the side and trying to swim back and holding his breath under water. Long strides since just barely dumping his face in the water!

And as long as Paisley has her trusty floaty, she's all smiles!

My little water baby, Beck.

Beck, 5 years, Paisley 3 years, and Jackson, 5 years old.

They also have a great sand play area at the Aquatic Center. The kids take turns back and forth, sand, water, sand, water. I have learned to situate myself right between the two and I even get to sit down for a bit and watch them play! And that's good
News for this tired, albeit not very far along (4 months) pregnant lady!


twylla said...

These are the cutest kids ever!!!! I am helping grandma post a comment!! This is Britni!!!

Deborama said...

Just caught up on your blog! So fun, Im glad you keep it up, you live so far away its nice to see what you guys are up to! :) You look gorgeous in your ALMOST 29 year old picture!

The Mohs-Taylor Dayz said...

awwwww! love seeing the Jackson picts! And GO swim coach Jackson hee hee :D