Sunday, July 24, 2011

A quick trip to Idaho.... We left Monday night about 8:30 PM and made it to Ontario and stayed the night and Stephen had some appts in a nearby town so the kids and I got to swim in the pool and watch TV til he made it back at 3PM. Then on to Burley! First stop was the Pinewood Derby where Bridger placed 3rd place. It is so fun to see the nephews participate in activities because we really don't get to see them much.

Beck hugging his Papa Goose

Paisley and my adorable mother, "Maimi Dawn"

Paisley and Grandma Mimi

Beck and Maimi Dawn and then Beck and Mimi

I had to eat at my Uncle Al's Pizza after the pinewood Derby.

Me and my mom and her cute turban wrapped bald head. She is currently doing her radiation once a day in Twin Falls. I got to drive her down there Wednesday afternoon.

The grandkids dressing up in Maimi Dawn's wigs. L-R Beck, Bridger, Paisley, Branson, and Broxton

It is always such a quick trip and I hated to leave Thursday morning, but we had to make it back for a very eventful dentist appt fo Beck on Friday morning and then on to the Relay for Life in Othello Friday and Saturday. Let's just say that Beck HATES THE DENTIST. And she is such a nice gal!!!! We have another appt tomorrow afternoon and they hgave me Tylenol with Codeine to try and get him calmed down before we even go in. Kid hates to even open his mouth...

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