Friday, July 8, 2011

Grandpa Bob's ice cream trips!

Beck's new favorite cousin; McKenna!

We have been up at the cabin in Priest Lake since Tuesday
And are sad to be leaving tomorrow... It's been good weather, boating, tubing, and playing in the sand. And of course the eating! I think I
Have eaten half of one of those large tubs of sour punch licorice. So yummy!
Beck has had fun tubing as making his cousins give him rides on the jet ski. But he only likes to ride on the blue jet ski not the yellow one. :) Both of the kids brought their fishing poles, Spiderman and Dora, we recently bought at Walmart and have played with them constantly. I am surprised that they are still in one piece, they have sure gotten their use out of them!

Bobby Boy and Ann took all of us to a nice dinner and some of us walked home. Although we gotten eaten by Mosquitos they had fun picking flowers along the way back to the cabin.

We were sad that Stephen didn't get to come with us. He was busy getting ready for his Youth Trek that he left for on Thursday. He has been preparing for it for a long time and we haven't gotten to talk to him much since he left and we are all excited to see him tomorrow!
Thanks for another great time at the cabin! And looking forward to more!

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Jana said...

I'm surprised you are not sick from eating all that yucky fruity stuff - give me the chocolate and salted treats! I hate fruity or sour candy. Looks like you guys had a great time even without Stephen.
PS - I hate mosquitos - I always get the most bites.