Thursday, October 13, 2011

I buy toys, I always do. I buy them no matter what. So I came up with a point system and then you earn a prize out of the box. I think it was Kortni's idea first, but she does it somewhat differently. Once the kids earn 20 points individually they get to pick a prize. They get 5 points for sleeping in their bed all night, that hardly ever happens, but once in a blue moon it jumps their points up quite quickly. They get points taken away for hitting, screaming, not doing what they are asked the first time. They get points for trying a new food for dinner, buckling their seatbelt the fastest, doing nice things. (Which they also get to put a "warm fuzzy" in the jar for nice things for other people and when the jar is full they get to take a friend to ice cream) When we first started I started it for Beck. He has such a temper, bless his heart. He was at negative points for a very loooong time before he ever first got to 20 points. I used to carry around a chart that stated things with pictures that he could gain or lose points for and I'd write on it with an erase marker and we'd tally up the points at the end of the day. But now I've gotten really good at just remembering how many points they each have. And Beck remembers too and always tried to tell me that he has more points than he actually does. Then they got o being good and always asking "Do I get a point for that?" SO now points are random, you never know when mom is gonna give you points. :) Nothing like making up the rules as I go along right? The 20 point prize box works very well. I get to buy toys that are clearnced and feel some sort of accomplishment as a mother that they are actually earning them. :) So it's a win win.

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Jenny Robbins said...

I LOVE this idea! So using it!