Saturday, October 29, 2011

The kids were so excited to carve pumpkins and daddy had to miss out because he was helping a friend decorate for a Halloween party that we went to last night. We got dinner cleaned up super fast and the kids went to town.

Beck was actually pretty careful with his little carving tools and we didn't have any spilled blood or mishaps!

Paisley on the other hand was perfectly fine with me carving her pumpkin for her.

Beck wanted his to look like a vampire. I fixed the nose a little bit, but he did the whole thing by himself!

We have a great fun pumpkin patch field trip that AIM takes every year thanks to some very gracias neighbors of AUnt Kortni's. I drive the trailer every year and Paisley just wanted to ride with me and not with her class on the trailer and she pretty much just stuck with me the whole time. Eating her lunch in the car and not to happy to have to try and take a class picture. :)But the leaves were another story... she LOVED them!

This was on about the 3rd trip Paisley and I took down there driving the trailer. She was pretty much done with me taking pictures of her. But she does love her new owl hat!

Beck's field trip was a little bit longer with an apple cider press and popcorn ball making.

My kids are obsessed with all things tiny and "babies," so of course, they pick out the tiniest pumpkins that they can find at the patch.

Paisley was little upset that Beck's was tinier than hers, but she still found a pretty small one.

Beck's K-1 combo Kinder class with teachers Miss Kortni and Miss Candace.

Friends Noah, cousin Piper, Beck, and Bella.

Paisley and her Aunt Kortni on her 3rd hay ride of the day.

On the hay ride we stop at another neighbors house and feed the reindeer Bucky and Reiny. Beck really liked the "mama" reindeer.

On a sad note, Beck's much anticipated (and not in a good way) dental appt was yesterday. The one that we have been back now 3 times to try and get the same work done. We drugged him and Stephen even took him and he would never calm down. It's bad, people and I mean bad. I didn't even go. I just sat at a gas station that was close to the office and bawled. For an hour. This awesome dentist, my friend, Carrie Tatum, referred us to another dentist and he really needs to get his work done. Two teeth need capped, and yes, you can see the hole in them, and she got a glimpse of another tooth that has puss around it. I am not happy. And Stephen is the maddest of all. It's so frustrating. There is no reasoning, nothing. So Stephen has grounded Beck from the AIM Halloween Carnival tonight (which I understand, but don't necessarily agree to the grounding part, I mean he's only 5 and he literally thinks that the dentist is going to kill him! But marriage and raising kids is compromise right?) and Beck is devastated. He's been talking about the "spooky" Carnival for weeks! Hopefully he will be ungrounded by Monday for the warn Trunk or Treat party and Trick or treating in the neighborhood.

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Tiffany Fackrell said...

oh poor beck and poor you. Is there anyway he can watch other people getting their teeth worked on...and see that he will still be able to walk out of the office alive? or maybe you should just knock him out completly? I don't know if dentists can even do that...but that's how we cleaned teeth at the vet office! Good luck. I hope you can figure something out.