Monday, January 9, 2012

Beck, Paisley, and new baby sister at 1 week old and 1 day, Penelope. My adorable babies.

This past Sunday, Penny 1 day shy of 2 weeks old, she finally got to wear her "Christmas dress." I make it a big deal, the whole "Christmas dress" "Easter dress" thing, so when Penelope wasn't here by Christmas I must say I was a little sad, and then she wasn't even a week old yet, so her and I skipped a Sunday, but this Sunday we were ready to go back, even if we spent half the time feeding in the Mother's Lounge, but I got the kids all dressed up in their Christmas outfits and they even let me snap a picture. :)My friend, Alicia, is amazing. To say the least. She is a very kind hearted individual with a soft spot for people in general. You should see her with babies, she just lights up. She was going to be at the hospital to take pictures of Penelope's arrival, but I called too late and Penny came too fast! She did catch us later at bath time and when Beck and Paisley saw Penelope for the first time. Pictures to follow... Alicia came over the other day when Penny was 1 week and 1 day old and when Alicia takes pictures she like captures the little babies heart and soul and I relish in it. It makes me wanna freeze Penelope here and just keep her like this. Thank you Alicia.I actually took the following pictures and with my Photoshop which I will never fully understand or conquer can actually make them look kind of good. Not mention Penelope is an angel beautiful baby and makes picture taking of her easy. :) Her Aunt Tiffanni made her these pink ADORABLE leg warmers and cousin Josh gave her this super cute hat for Christmas. I knitted the grey diaper cover and it actually fit her! I was afraid it was going to be way to long after I had finished it weeks ago, but it turned out super cute. So here's Penelope today at 2 weeks old. Not loving being naked or in the bath tub. She has this amazing high pitched scream...

and A-CHOO! Good night.

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