Wednesday, January 18, 2012

So today it was sposed to be this major snow storm. I woke up thinking yeah no school! So I lazily laid in bed until later and then I got a message that there was school so now we were running late and I hadn't even gotten the kids up yet. My friend Ivy came and got kids, yeah for IVY! She has been such a help in getting my kids to school, this car pool thing is awesome. Anyways I was again lazily eating breakfast, getting make up on, feeding Penelope and I get a call about 45 min later from AIM. Paisley had stuck a purple bead up her nose. They said she was upset, but they couldn't see the bead, but she was adamant that it was up there. So I buckle up Penelope and we made it out of the snowy driveway and on our way to the school. I get another call 20 minutes later and they said that Kortni took her to the walk in and that I was to meet her there. I had already called the Ear Nose and Throat Specialist and actually gotten us an appt. Apparently some well wishers at the school (Aunt included) had tried to fish out the bead with no luck and now she had a bloody nose. She was upset when I got there but perfectly content with Aunt Kortni holding her. Right before we saw the Dr Paisley informed us that there was actually TWO beads up there, a purple one and an orange one. And well, there was. The Dr had 2 nurses and Kortni to hold her down and she did quite well. She screamed, but I'm pretty sure she understood that they had to get them outta there. Interesting non snow day that we had today.

She's quite different from Beck. Beck made messes and dumped out buckets of flour and Paisley likes to pick her nose and eat her boogers (lately) and twirl stuff around her fingers and legs, like jump ropes, hair, and candy wrappers, pull on her hair, and wrap hair elastics around her digits (cutting off the circulationon of her pinky toe a few weeks ago before I noticed and cut it off) And now she sticks stuff up her nose because "There's holes in there," would you stick something in your belly button? "no, because there isn't a hole in it." Well, um, ok. Are you ever going to stick anything in your nose again? "nope, not even beans!" Awesome.


Ella said...

Oh my! Silly Pais! Seth once stuck m&m's up his nose!!

Jana said...

I hope your kids still love you when they get older and read your blog! You need to teach Paisley that the nose is for pulling boogies out (and either eating them or wiping them on the walls.) Remember things come out of the nose - not in them. Glad she is alright. Don't think my kids ever did the nose thing but Jennica has problems with her sinus - maybe there's something stuck up there