Tuesday, January 31, 2012

We are currently driving to Idaho to go visit family and for nephew Branson's baptism while Stephen works in the areas surrounding Burley. We have had the opportunity to visit family a lot in the last few years because
of Stephen doing work there. Its harder to leave now that Beck is in kindergarten, but I make sure to get work and books from his teacher as he is pretty good about doing them whole we are gone. He is doing very well in school and we want to keep up in his school work. Paisley is following in Beck's footsteps and has even learned the first few lines of the National Anthem from listening to Beck sing it. Penelope has been an ok little traveler so far. I am glad that Stephen is driving and I am not by myself because I have been sitting in the middle with her the whole time... and we are only past Baker City. Wish us luck!

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