Friday, January 27, 2012

A whole month... I don't even like to think about how fast it has gone by. Makes me so sad. I have been working on Penelope's Birth Story book on Shutterfly and looking at those pictures makes me feel like she was born yesterday, but at the same time like it was a lifetime ago. She has already changed so much!Penelope is a great eater in that she is gaining weight rapidly. She is a weird eater in that she eats for a few minutes take a 15-20 min break and then eats again. I am trying to get her to break that habit, but at a month old she kind of dictates she she will and will not do. She sleeps off and on and other than eating a lot at night has figured out what night and day means, thank heavens!

We just LOVE her around here and I get to hold her a lot. We try not to leave the house too much other than school pick up and drop off. I have helped at school a few times and done some tutoring sessions. but other than that it's Penelope and mommy time all day... :) Stephen has been really busy working so I feel bad that he doesn't get to see us much. But then at the end of some days I wouldn't want to see us too much either... :)

But then again even after all the crying and spitting up, so we both smell like sour milk, who can resist that face?!?!

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