Monday, February 24, 2014

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I take a picture every month with Remington and this stuffed fox. Today is month #8 (don't remind me how fast time flew by, it makes me cry) lately I have been getting sooooo frustrated with trying to get "that" perfect pic of my kids. I make us late, I scream, I cry, I bribe. I get frustrated, my kids dread the "back drop" getting set up. It's a screaming match had by all. Today was no exception. Penelope kept "photo bombing" Remmy's shoot and then standing in the window and stopping my light example: first photo. I was beyond frustrated. So I finally set Rem on the floor in his most comfo postion (He doesn't love sitting up and he's not very good at it) and got down on his level and then I got this: the last 2 pics. I am so happy. I need to learn to "Let it Go!" and just work with what I've got and quit trying to get it perfect, cause it never will be. That face is just his special thinking face and I still got the fox in the background without him mauling it. I have definitely learned I am NOT a newborn photographer will all the props and zero patience. I am NOT so awesome with babies either. Paisley's age isn't too bad, taking pictures for other people is the hardest because you aren't always sure what they are expecting, so I always make sure they have looked at my pics and can get a sense for the type of pictures I take. So many photog and momtogs have completely different styles! But I gotta say taking pics of my own kids has got to be the hardest and that's why I got all into this in the first place!

So anyways; Remmy is 8 months old, still not sitting up my himself too well, not crawling, too busy just being cute, and patient, and laughing and giggling. He has started a little food, not loving the rice cereal or the jarred baby food. He wants the real stuff, just like Penelope was. He LOVES his biter biscuits. I think he would eat a whole box if we let him. I still nurse him quite a bit and he is a horrible sleeper. Little 20 min naps two times a day and wakes up every hour or two at night. He is quite the mommy's boy and will calm down after I hold him.

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