Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Remington started breathing funny this afternoon. I honestly thought Penny had fed him a marble or something, but it sounded wheezing. I watched him for a bit and he was all spitty, I took some video and then finally decided to take him in after about an hour. He was his happy charming self when we got to the walk in, so of course they all thought I was crazy. Luckily I had the video to show Dr Lindberg and she believed me and it sounded like RSV but the test came back negative so he got a athetoid shot for croup. We left and Dr Lindberg called us back because she felt uneasy about it and he got in for an XRay. I was glad because a small part of me still thought Penny had fed him something, but the Xrays were clear and I was sent home to keep a close eye on him. I'm glad we caught the croup early and feel better about no marbles stuck in his esophogus! 

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