Monday, February 10, 2014

 Oh my gosh I love this kid. Beck Nephi Ashton, our first born, has turned 8 years old. Man, that went fast! He had his interview with Bishop Glade Daniels-Brown on Sunday and he passed! He was so cute and nervous and tucked his shirt in before going in. He will be baptized this Saturday at 6pm with some family and friends in attendance.
 He had his much anticipated "friend party" on Saturday and invited mostly kids from his class at school. Courtlynn Cardwell, Roman Jenks, Kellan Morrison, Tyson Garza, Jason ?, the Vail boys; Ryker and Rydge, Presley ?, Dawson ?, Ryder ?, and Ashton his bestie and cousin. We decided a long time ago that he kids can have a "friend" party when they turn 8, 12, and 16, so this has been much anticipated.
 Beck got lots of Seahawks stuff that he loves, a remote helicopter, some glow legos, and Skittles!

 His actual birthday was on Sunday and we snuck out after church and dinner to go sledding at the sand dunes. This little boy has grown up! He also requested banana cake with cram cheese frosting and we sang to him again at 7:09pm the exact time he was born 8 years ago.

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