Wednesday, February 12, 2014

As mothers we don't take many pictures of ourselves. I can maybe find 10 on my hard drive from the last year (2013) I read all these blog posts about "putting yourself in the pictures" and I think like others we all get hung up on it. Last night I gave my son Remington his first bottle. This is always a big emotional hang up for me. I have waited the longest with him, he's almost 8 months, not that I was shooting for a goal or anything. Part of me is selfish because I like to sit in my room and stare at his face and feed him while the others kids run crazy. At first Penny hated me nursing him, she still gets kind of upset but now that she's older she can watch TV while I feed Remington. I cherish those calm relaxed moments. He didn't love the bottle. He drank for a few minutes and then gave up and wanted nothing to do with it and I honestly was kind of relieved...

P.S. Beck took this picture

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