Sunday, February 16, 2014

My little man got baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints by his father yesterday, February 15th, 2014. He was also confirmed and given the gift of the Holy Ghost. We had so much support come to spend this special time with us! My parents (My dad was able to give an absolutely wonderful talk on Baptism about pinky promises being like the convenant that we make with Heavenly Father and our big brother, Jesus Christ) and brother, Justin, drove up from Idaho and Kalan came from Seattle. Most of the Ashtons were in attendance as well as Taryn's new fianc, Jesse, and the Vail and McKay families came too! SO much love and support for Beck on his special day!
After being baptized Stephen asked him while in the dressing room "How do you feel now?" and Beck replied, "I am wet and I don't want to say the other because I know you felt it too." Stephen paused thinking he was speaking about feeling the Spirit. Then Beck continued, "I felt soggy."
We will take it. Beck is growing up and is so smart and we just love him. He is becoming quite the jokester and is really god at remembering scripture stories and is always willing to work on his attitude and remember to try his hardest to make the right choices. We are so excited for him!

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