Thursday, April 24, 2014

Remington is 10 months old!!! In 2 months he will be a year!?! How has this happened!?! My sweet little baby has been sick and has been quite the cranky monster that needs to be held and carried around all day! He finally cut a top tooth and a bottom one. The bottom came thru a few hours before the top one, but I suspect the rest of his baby teeh to quickly follow. Poor kid has had swollen gums for months. 
Remington still likes his walker and babbles a lot to anyone who will babble back. Stranger danger and attached to moms hip. He takes his binky randomly, but is not super attached to it. Still needs to be wrapped up like a flailing burrito to go to sleep, and has to be rocked. I play music lullabies on Pandora on my phone as I rock him. Still nursing like a champ and steadily growing and trying new foods every day! (Mostly baby food) 
My little baby man is such a blessing to us and really very sweet and precious. This time always goes so quickly. Sometimes I wish teenage years would last only a few months and baby time would last years!!! 

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