Sunday, April 27, 2014

We were driving home from Boise (stayed in Boise to break up the Drive home from Utah) on Easter Sunday. With the help of a friendly neighbor Easter Bunny and friend, Mckenn Reis, the kids came home to treats! They were so worried and after not seeing anything hid outside when we pulled in Beck was quite the upset brat about it. But yeah !!!! The Easter Bunny came. What ensued next was chaos searching for all the great places an Easter bunny would hide candy and eggs and prizes. 

Remmy got a baby toy and got to play with some empty eggs on his very 1st Easter. 
Paisley found a Palace Pet, Penelope found an Anna (from the movie Frozen) baby doll and Beck found a Skylanders Giants figure for his wii game. 
Pretty much any candy Penny found was open and eaten and she had quite the sugar rush and then sugar crash afterwards! 

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