Thursday, April 24, 2014

Penelope is growing up so fast. She likes to get her backpack and her lunch ready just in case I'm going to let her follow the big kids out the door and ride the bus. She says "bus? Me?" Like 10 times in the morning I guess trying to get me to change by mind. 

Beck is in the middle of learning a very hard lesson. I bought him some Pokemon cards a few weeks ago and told him as soon as he had the $12 to pay for them that he could have them. He has $6.40 and wants to get them now and finish paying for them later. He wanted me to place a vote on fb. Apparently he didn't think I would win and is in tears constantly when he checks the notifications and learns that 90% of the comments are people are his mother's side! 
We made a quick trip to southern Idaho to visit the Becks and see Grandma Mimi who has not been feeling well and then onto Bountiful, Utah for our nephew, Taryn's wedding. It was pretty much a miserable drive and Remington was sick the entire time. He has been sick for about 3 weeks now. He has croup and just finished his steroid meds and like 6 more days of antibiotic and I hope it gets cleared up. Him being sick has made for numerous sleepless nights and a very cranky mommy and baby. Today he fell asleep twice in my arms (which NEVER happens) and took a fairly long nap of a few horse which also rarely happens, so here's to hoping he is on the mend!! 

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