Thursday, April 24, 2014

Our quick Idaho/Utah trip. It was so good to see my grandma. She really is an awesome lady! She has been sick lately and I hate seeing her that way! 

Remington decided to have two teeth break thru (finally!) on our drive down and it only added to his crankiness from being sick. 
We stayed in a hotel and the cousins came to enjoy the pool with us! Paisley has turned into quite the swimmer! And hotel breakfasts are our favorite! 
Before we went to Bountful for the wedding we got to stroll around the temple grounds at salt Lake on Friday. 10 years ago we were married and selead and now back again with our little family! So fun to walk around and take pictures with the kids. 
Saturday was nephew, Taryn's wedding to Jessie Percell in the Bountiful Temple. 
Penelope took selfies of herself most of the day. This was right before she dropped Stephens phone and shattered the screen. Oops. 

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