Saturday, January 19, 2008

Beck Painting

It's funny how after you have kids it's like you don't exist anymore except for existing for them. There are like no pictures on my blog of me or Stephen, it's all Beck and info about Paisley. Man, growing up we are all so selfish, well I was. It was like do I have time for this for me? Even when you first get married, it's so hard to understand that it is no longer about YOU anymore, now it's about US and then you have a kid and it's like WHAM! Let me make this perfectly clear, I LOVE IT. It's hard at times and I only have one kid and a bun in the oven, not like seven or something, but the, "mom, mom, mom" that Beck says about 50 times a day is so worth it. When I walk in the door from being gone and Beck runs towards me, arms outstretched, "mmmooooommmm!" It's just great. The only thing that I talk about is Beck and the only thing that others talk about is their kids and it's just so normal now. Well, depending on who's reading this, but dried boogies on your shirt is so normal! Right now Beck is really into watching movies and he LOVES painting! It's hard to watch him make the mess that I know may not come out of his clothes or when he gets marker on his new western shirt or something, but he loves it so much!

I was writing down some of Beck's words the other day and decided to type them up in here, so that I'll remember them down the road. It's frustrating sometimes because his cousin Piper Nelson speaks like full sentences and Beck still resorts to grunting most days. :) Here are some of his words at 23 1/2 :) months that I can remember:

pup, eye, Ween (Lightning McQueen) NO (which he says more than anything) baba (bottle) ju (juice or milk) mama, dada, mom, oovie (movie) ch ch (choo choo or Thomas the train movie) ite (light) iper (Piper) shoe, shhh (he always says when there's a baby or it is dark) baby (he is really into babies, ecspecially his baby Furreal toy panda that he likes to feed it's "baba") bubu (bubbles) car, Go, papa, chee (cheese) earro (cheerios or cereal) poo :) DAD ew (when there's something that looks gross or there's a mess) He says "wea wow" a lot, but I still haven't figured out what it is. He knows what beso and zapatos are, points to body parts in English and Spanish, except that the thinks boca is his lips and mouth he opens up wide, and he growls when he sees a shark or something with teeth.


melanie said...

You are WAY too nice of a mom! I for sure would have yelled louder and shut off the camera with the first water splashing. Too funny.

I love that you wrote all these words down. I wish I had that for both of my boys. Blogging is going to be so much better for Reed and all that he's going to do.

And the selfish thing, NO not me. :)

Anonymous said...

What about 'bubba'? I swear I've heard that one!

Anonymous said...

Jax loves watching Beck in the sink!

Brit said...

Is wea woo for police sirens????

Bethany said...

Cute video. You're so high-tech. I don't think I'll attempt putting a video up for a while. Yeah, Beck does look huge in that sink :)