Monday, January 7, 2008

A day in the life of...

I saw this on another gal's blog and decided to try it, so let's see what I can remember of what I did today...

1 am- Beck woke up crying, so I went in after going to the bathroom for the 3rd time that night and gave him a sippy, but he had already fallen back to sleep, lucky me
4 am- got up to go to the bathroom again and heard Beck fussin, but again he fell back asleep... Yeah!
6:59 am- woke up one minute before the alarm went off and jumped in the shower, didn't even notice the snow conditions outside. Did hair and make-up. Bad hair day by the way....
7:30 am- eating a bowl of Captain Crunch, that's all I eat now is sugar cereal to help keep me from being nautious, how in the heck do you spell nausious? During breakfast my sister, Kortni called to tell me about the school delay, so that means that I didn't have to teach pre-school this morning which was a great relief because Beck has had a pretty bad cough and runny nose and I didn't want to take him to the sitter. Made about 4 phone calls and found out school was canceled all day.
8 am-Beck finally wakes up and I feed him his yogurt and cheerios and go upstairs to wake up Stephen and put Beck in the bath tub.
9:30 am- While Stephen is shoveling the walks Beck plays in the snow and eats about half of it.
10 am- leave for town, spin a full 360 on a corner turn... stop at Maurices and some Fashion Bug store, I am dying for a new purse! Didn't find anything, head to Rite Aid to pick up a prescription, it's not done yet. Go to the gym and work on lesson plans for a bit, Beck pulls some little girl's hair and makes her cry. Answered the phone about "school cancelation and yes, there are still gym classes after school......" about 47 times.....
Noon- head to sister, Kortni's, after getting lunch at Taco Bell. Beck was excited to see her girls and Kortni and I chatted about gym and school and Christmas... until it was time to head to my Dr. appt. Baby Paisley declared good, need to drink more water and Braxton Hicks won't be so bad, appts moved to every two weeks now, bummer deal. Hit the 28 week mark. Back to Maurices to buy the shirt that Kortni was wearing when I was at her house earlier because it was way cute and I am going to use it as my "losing weight after baby is born" shirt.
2:15 - pick up Beck from Kortni's and help her get out the door to go to the gym to teach a private lesson, visit friend Melanie and her new baby, Reed. Cutest baby on earth right now, next to my twin sister's Baby Jax of course.... Wal-Mart to buy the new purse, they've gotta have something. End up buying a Santa Little People train present for Beck or Paisley next year for Christmas and Beck gets a Lightning McQueen toy phone, even though he already has the Toy Story one. I swear I know the marketing behind sticking those toys in the check out aisle at kid eye level, but it sure sucks for me. To Rite Aid to pick up prescription, call Dr and get Beck an appt at 9:15 for his cough and nose, whish hopefully I make it to because I have to go drink that stuff for the glucose test at 9:00 and then head back in an hour for the test, so hopefully I fit Beck's appt in just right. Crossing my fingers.
5 pm-get dinner of ravioli, sauce, brocolli, and garlic bread ready, Stephen was upstairs on the computer working, it was so hard not to go up and bug him!
6pm- dinner and then dishes and clean up, Beck heads up to the bath tub and I get to get on the computer. He sure loves the bath tub and his fingers get all wrinkly before we can convince him to get out.
7 pm- finishing up post and the rest of the night will go something like this; scripture reading at 8:15, all of us laying in Beck's bed and then I'll read Beck a few stories from his Fairy Tale book that used to be Hanna and Alizah's until he falls asleep. Then I'll hop back on the computer and work on a calendar from Shutterfly and get diaper bag and sippys packed for tomorrow morning and hopefully go to bed by 10 pm and then get up to go to the bathroom right after I got in bed and fall sleep by 11 or so.
So that's me, and a day in the life of. Oh and the fact that I probably went to the bathroom about 12 times today. Man, Paisley sure seems to like sitting on my bladder, do you think that she thinks that it's funny?


Jennifer said...

You crack me up. Sorry to hear about the rampant peeing. Babies are just mean like that, you know. I can't believe it's 28 weeks already...we should talk about some belly pictures. :)

Pugmires said...

I love the cute pictures, and man you wore me out just by me reading your blog. Crazy days! I guess that's why we have kids when we are young. I didn't know you taught preschool. I got my degree in early childhood as well as Severe Special Education. And before I had my sencond baby I taugh Special Ed preschool. It was so much fun, I loved it and miss it very much! Where do you teach? Are you going to continue after the baby comes?

Anonymous said...

Well, what to say after that? The most important things are... Beck is so gosh darn cute! and What shirt at Maurices? Do I need to get one?!!

Anonymous said...

Well, what to say after that? The most important things are... Beck is so gosh darn cute! and What shirt at Maurices? Do I need to get one?!!

melanie said...

The peeing is just too much! Hopefully you don't pee your pants...not that I know anyone else who has :). SO glad that phase is over.

Thanks for the cute shirts! I love the brown and blue that is all over boy clothes right now. And boys in overalls, cutest ever!

You are one busy woman. Wait until you have to drag 2 around! I'm freaking out with 4 and haven't had an outing with all of them yet (I'm a wimp). Someone needs to talk me through it.

Bethany said... have busy days. i would never do the "day in a life" post because my day is so boring. It was fun to read yours though.