Monday, January 28, 2008

Today there was another school delay, so that means no school for me.... I'm starting to really miss the kids. We have had 3 snow days/delays, Martin Luther King Day, and Beck was sick one day, so I got a sub. I have really only taught my kids 3 times since coming back from Christmas Break! Argh! But I have been into the gym and school a lot subbing for others or doing cheer things, so it's not like I sit at home all day. Although today I am going to try and get a start on painting Paisley's room and then if Stephen makes it home we are going to go sledding at the sand dunes. Fun Fun!

Last night I heard of our Prophet's death and it really hit me by surprise and kind of hard. I shed some tears and then bucked it up, because now he is with his dear wife, whom he loves so dearly. Its just that he's really the only prophet that I remember. I remember praying to bless President Hunter and other's, there have been 4 Prophets since I was born, but President Hinckley has been our Prophet for 12 years! He was also the same age as my Grandpa Beck and I can't imagine him passing on, even though he says he's been waiting to for years. He has been without my Grandma Anne since 1987!


Mindy said...

Korbi, Your site is so cute! How did you get music? I just started and am trying to figure things out. Way cute!

The Peterson's said...

You are the cutest pregnant momma out there!