Friday, January 4, 2008

New Year's 2008!

Well, we were all asleep to bring in the New Year of 2008. I remember waking up to take one of my many bathroom trips about 1-ish and there were still a few of the nephew teenagers up, but that was about it. We were at the new cabin in Priest Lake, Idaho with Stephen's family from the 28th of December until last night, the 3rd. There was tons of snow and it was just beautiful! A few caught a little flu bug (Beck, Ashton, Bob) and I had something of a head cold and sinus infection mixed with the worst nausia since my 1st trimester, but other than that, it was relaxing and reading the last Harry Potter book, watching movies, playing games and sledding. On Monday the 31st, the wives took a day off and went shopping and to lunch in Spokane. It was fun to just walk around with them and the boys took all the kids sledding. The cabin was a disaster when we got back that night, but other than that and Jocelyn getting a comb stuck in her hair, all survived. Beck loved to play in the cjow, but hated to wear his gloves. All he wanted to do was eat all the snow in sight. He liked riding on the snomobile and kept calling it a car. Sitting in the hot tub and playing with cousins were also among his favorite things to do. We have had a great holiday season and I am sad to be putting my decorations away this week, but it is nice to be home and hopefully get back to some sort of routine, like Beck sleeping in his own bed for instance!

To bring in the New Year I have thankfully unpacked everything and I reorganzied the bathroom last night and I am getting a jump on getting Paisley's room put back together after organzing all her clothes, then I am going to paint it, organize my scrapbook desk (which is in complete chaos by the way) paint her cradle, and paint Beck's room. These are a few goals that I have in mind for the upcoming little bit before I get so big that I can't move around anymore! My sister, Jakobi, did a little "2007" looking back thing, so I am going to see what I can come up with.


2-new callings in church for Stephen and Korbi

0-no new cars this year

0-no times that Beck got the flu, even though Stephen and Korbi did

7-things we did or stuff about us

#1 got prego with baby #2 :)

#2 Stephen built us a fence

#3 had 4 cats, all gone now :(

#4 painted 3 rooms and the stairway

#5 organized and reorganzied the garage at least 4 times

#6 drove to Idaho 5 times

and #7 got TV channels! Even though we are letting them go in February when football is over.... but we'll still have the internet!

So adios 2007 and welcome 2008 for the Ashton Family.... Thanks for reading...

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melanie said...

Korbi, a comment for you! The cabin sounds like a ton of fun. But I will say, me at a cabin by myself with a book sounds even better!

You need to see my baby, he is awfully cute! I'd take him to the cabin too :).