Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Today something HUGE happened

Today my little baby was all grown up. I believe that it has been happening for a while, I just hadn't noticed. As the days pass and my belly gets bigger and bigger bringing us closer and closer to baby Paisley's arrival my little baby Beck has grown up right before my eyes. He'll be 2 next month and I can't bring myself to realize that 2 years have gone by since they placed my newborn on the scale in the delivery room and I looked over to see; not chicken legs, like my 2 neices when they were born, but big fat turkey legs. He had so much black hair and was so big! I remember feeling so surprised when the Dr said, "8 lbs, 13 oz." And now my little dark haired baby is blond and is one of the shortest little things with cute stubby legs.
I went to lunch for a friend's birthday and I got Beck out of the car to walk in to the restaurant and I set him on the ground and held his hand as he picked up his little feet and stomped through the snow in the parking lot and it hit me; I don't have to carry him anymore, then it really sunk in, I want to still carry him. I want him to always be my baby. When he gets married someday I am afraid that I am going to be that mother that doesn't want to let go, that drives my daughter-in-law crazy, poor girl. My little boy is no longer a baby and I hope that I cherich each day, each tantrum, each hug and kiss. Oh, man, now I'm getting all sappy and emotional. Anyways Beck, if you are ever reading this some day and we've gotten in a huge fight because you wrecked my car or missed curfew, I'm just glad that you are home, even if my car is a pile of mangled metal or you are late. :) Love you Baby Beck


Bethany said...

That's cute. He really is getting to be a big boy. I think his new haircut makes him look older too.

melanie said...

This post should have come with a disclaimer that it would make me cry! Hello, with all these hormones it makes me think the same things and then I cry. Great post Korbi!