Friday, June 27, 2008


Well, as you can tell I am cameraless. Stephen took the Teacher's Quorum up to the cabin, he left Wednesday morning and he took my camera with him! Argh! Me and my babies have just been hanging out. I worked in the yard a bunch on Wednesday and then Thursday I spent most of the day until 9 PM trying to figure out and then do Payroll for AIM gymnastics (and School). I tell ya, those accountants and all other types of "number" people are smart. My brain hurt so bad along with my sore calves from doing aerobics and my throbbing headache from the no DEW! I also went to aerobics again today and I plan on continuing, I kinda like it! We are headed out in a minute to go watch Hanna do her presentaion at Science Camp and then we are off to the Aquatic Center for some swimming. Beck can't wait, he's been carrying around his water toys since we went on Monday!


Deborama said...

I love that aquatic center, my sister keeps sending me pics of that fun surf thing! I wish I could go there! Im sorry you don't have your camera, being seperated from it give me the shakes and head aches! :)

twylla said...

whaat a busy person you are always on the go Beck and paisley will have to learn to be travelers. Oh what fun. all except working in the yard now that is hard work. Have a great day

A little bit about us: said...

HEY, it's cortney clark murdoch- it was fun to hear from you. You have such a cute little family. You look great as well and I love your kid's names.. how cute.