Wednesday, June 11, 2008


It's sad that there are no pictures on this post because I have taken pictures, but I left my camera in my sister, Kortni's, car.
We have recovered fully from our Idaho trip and went to Spokane for Beck's eye appointment where we were in and out in about 15 minutes and everything is fine we just have to go back in 3 months to check again and then schedule an appointment a few months later to get the tubes out. But yes, everything is good!
We got back later Tuesday night and worked in the yard for a bit. It seems like we are always working in the yard. I should take some pictures, so that I can measure our progress. Stephen built me a great pathway in my garden while I was gone and it looks pretty good. There are still no sprouted seeds and I fear that there may never be until next summer when I can try again. We've had some very windy days with no moist soil because of some drip line mishaps and then this morning a water blow out that may have washed any hopes of a garden away and flooded my little foot path. Hopefully we have a lot of the kinks worked out, but I can guarantee that our trips to Home Depot have not ceased. Stephen is probably happy that they are building a Lowe's down the street, so he won't have to drive all the way across town. I am keeping my fingers crossed for a Target because usually when there is a Lowes there is a Target close by, so I am hoping that they are following suit. (Does that make sense? Suit? I hear people say it all the time...)
I got my prints back that I ordered from Paisley's photo shoot when she was 2 weeks old and I have been pouring over them all night. I love how beautiful my little angel is! Yes, she is the most gorgeous little girl out there and so wonderful! (Knock on wood) Stephen asked me last night when Paisley woke up to eat and I said oh, I dunno, about 1 am and then 4 am. And he says, "why is she not sleeping through the night yet? Beck slept through the night at 3 weeks old didn't he?" I told him that just because Stephen started sleeping through the night that it doesn't mean that the rest of us did! ha! I think that Beck slept through the night for the first time about 4 months ago! ahah! I know that I bring most of it upon myself, so I am not complaining, I am only stating that my husband is pretty weird sometimes.
I started getting my yard sale stuff together for this Saturday's "2nd Annual AHO yard sale." I don't have as much as last year because my sister-in-law and sister had brought over some stuff, but I have quite a bit and I can't wait to get rid of it all. My sister is still going to bring over more stuff, but I am pretty ready as of now. I am not as organized as I have been on the past and my house still looks as full as before, but I am getting rid of a bit and every little bit counts right?
Well, my angel just fell asleep, so I am going to try and scrapbook a few pages before I hit the sack. Hopefully I will have some pictures tomorrow or the next day.


twylla said...

dear korbi It is so good to hear from you almosst every day. I am glad you made it home ok and then the trip to Spokan was a positive one. He is such a cute little man. and Paisley is so pretty. as you say a little angle. I love all of you there love mimi

Brit said...

I have lots of Yard sale stuff you could have taken!!! haha then you would have had plenty!!! Thank you again for coming I really appreciated it. But now I miss you more.

Joel and Michelle said...

Glad to see you had fun down here in good ole Idaho! Wasn't the weather beautiful?!
Glad to hear also that Beck's eye appt. went good. Take care!