Sunday, June 15, 2008

Cousin Cox's Pond

Rylee following Beck around as he sprayed everyone with his water gun tube
Our neice McKenna got a fish hook stuck in her finger! Ouch!

We got invited out to cousin Cox's pond in Warden on Saturday and we headed out after our recovery from our yard sale. We had a lot of fun fishing, playing in the water, and eating good food! Beck loved the water tubes that sprayed water out and playing in the dirt. He got in trouble few times for pushing kids down, and I got this on video of Stephen's "punishment" for him. It's so hard not to smile at him when you have to make him sit on the stairs or "take a timeout" because he starts saying, "I dory, I dory" (I'm sorry) and it's so cute and he is so funny! I hope that you can hear it on this video because I think that it is so precious! He is really starting to talk a lot more and now repeats things that I say. But I still think that Beck's sorry is the cutest thing I have ever heard! Other people probably don't think so because he is usually saying it right after he bit/slapped/pinched/pushed their kid.


Michelle said...

Cute posts! Stephen looks so cute with the two kids!your scrapbook pages look nice- keep it up!

Deborama said...

I want to see the scrap pages bigger! they are gorgeous! The pond was fun, Beck is so cute. I love it when he hits my shin with the ore! :) I love your father's day post too!

Pugmires said...

It looks like you guys had a lot of fun and still crazy busy as usual. I hope you made some good money at your yard sale.
And that video of your husband with Beck, so sweet.

Brit said...

That is the cutest video I have ever seen. He really needs to see that when he grows up!!! Hope you had a great yard sell!!!

tiff said...

Beck is so sweet!! Im sure who ever it was he was pushing needed the push... He would never do anything notty on purpose (right)????