Saturday, June 20, 2009


I had lots of plans today, I was gonna weed my garden, move some flowers so they could be better seen, play with my kids, go watch Hanna at her horse show where she does cool tricks standing on top of a moving horse, well, okay I did go watch Hanna, but the other things I did not do....Paisley had big plans as well, and she got hers done.
Well done, Pais.Instead Kortni and I made freezer jam and loads of it. After 3 trips back to Safeway, and lots of stickiness later....we had 49 jars to prove what we did today. :)


Jana said...

Wow - hope that is mud and not poo! I really don't get you girls sometimes. I will admit strawberry freezer jam is good but it's just so much easier to buy it at the grocery store. So much easier to go to the store and buy what you want than drive and shop for hours through garage sales. My kids never did get that gene - maybe because they weren't around Twylla enough

Korbi said...

yep, it is definitely a Grandma Mimi gene... :)