Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Ashton Family Week was another successful family week and fun and spending time together. We got some bad/happy/excited for Grandpa Yorgesen to be with Grandma Verella news in Heaven on our way up to the cabin, but spending time with family was what Grandpa Yorgesen loved best so we continued on with our Family Week and we started it off with watching videos of Grandpa and an interview video with Frans (Grandpa Yorgesen) that Tony had made years back. It was fun to sit around and listen to all the memories. And there were some great ones. He was a great Patriarch of this family and his lovely wife, Verella, is excited to have her hunk back in her arms!

At the cabin of course we had lots of boating and tubing and sun screen applying...

Beck and Ellie on the tube

My handsome man

The hot tub is of course another personal favorite of the Ashton cousins. I am sad that the chlorine ruined Paisley cute suit and turned the white part yellow, but the trade off was her smiles, so I forgive the hot tub ;)

Canoe rides with dad

My adorable babies in the canoe

Lots of "filled to the brim" boat rides

On Wednesday Bob rented the "party boat" aka pontoon boat so that we all could go to Upper Priest together and have a fire with hot dogs and exploring fun. Ashton and Beck at the fire

Also on Wednesday I celebrated my 29th birthday and that night my sis-in-law, Dena came with me down to the Cavanaugh restaurant/bar to watch Caitlynn Lawson (local dancer) on the Fox show So You Think You Can Dance. She had made it into the top 6! It was a fun birthday and I got to watch one of my favorite shows! I cam home to Stephen and the kids watching Ernest Goes to Camp on the projector that Stephen had set up outside.

Stephen took me to a baby Dr appt in Spokane on Thursday and the relatives let us leave the kids at the cabin with them. It was the big anatomy ultrasound and we brought back the kids a pink Princess and red heart balloon to let them know that they would be having a new baby sister! The ultrasound went well and everyone looks good. That was a relief for me because I really have had quite a different pregnancy this time around.

Beck is a lot like his mom in not liking the water too much, but he did get in and swim around with Stephen for quite a while. Paisley never went tubing and only got in once or twice. She prefers to just play in the sand just a little bit in the water on the beach.

And here's me almost 5 months. As mentioned before, I FEEL HUGE. I am definitely a lot bigger this time, but everything looks good. I do have a herniated belly button, but I guess it's quite common, annoying, but common. I don't like to have anything around my neck (camera, heavy necklace) that will touch my belly button... weird....

Me and my hubby. I was looking back at picture of the old cabin when we were dating in 2003 and we look so much older. We don't look like babies anymore! I keep thinking we are only just beginning, but time really has moved so quickly.

Yet, another filled to the brim boating pic. This time on our way to Leonard Paul for ice cream happy hour!

Ice cream Happy Hour is buy one get one free and it sure benefits our large clan! We scare away the ice cream scoopers when they see us coming. :)

Beck and Ashton on our last night at the cabin playing Lego Batman on the Playstation 3

We were the last ones out of there Friday morning, so we had to set up the timer to get a family picture. Stephen 33, Korbi 29, Beck 5, and Paisley 3

Bob and Ann got this bench on memory of cousin Jacksen. We didn't have Scott and Debbie's family up there because they were on the Stake Youth Trek in Tri-cities and Feliz and Stacy and their family are in Florida while Feliz goes to school, Taryn had college work to do and Ann missed a few days preparing for her father's funeral, so we missed them and I think this is the first family week that not everyone has been there.

Excited for next year's Ashton Family Week! Too bad it's over 350 days away :(


Jana said...

You look soooo much like Jakobi in that picture of you and Stephen. That is the first time I think you guys ever looked alike. And WOW - Ashton Family Fun week looks like a lot of fun, chaos and work. Wish the Hunt's had a family fun day even

Jana said...

PS - Congrats on the baby "Girl". One of the few rare occasions that the cousins will actually both be girls

Jade said...

YaY! A baby girl! I just knew it!