Friday, August 26, 2011

The kids and I drove down to Burley last week for my mother's day day of radiation and also my 10 year high school reunion. It was so great to see family and also friends that I pretty much haven't seen for 10 years! I didn't even get a picture of me and my good friend, Ainslie, but she was there for a bit, I promise! Joe Preston "the Bad A," Jakobi, me, and John Jacob Gochnour. These boys I only have the best of memories with! They both now have gorgeous wives and great jobs and John's even got himself some cute kids.

Me and Anne Blauer Ringle and her son, Eli. Her daughter and my daughter are also about the same age. Anne was a great friend and also my basing partner in cheerleading. What a gal to rely on! She is the best!

And my adorable babies at the park as part of the reunion. It was stinkin hot, but lasted about an hour....

My twin sister, Jake and I at the dinner on Saturday night. We stuck by each other's side so as to remain the most comfortable. :)

And about 80 of my classmates that showed up to the reunion. I was happy to have remembered mostly everyone and pleased that my brain is not failing me completely, well, at least not yet. Everyone I ran into, I made sure that they knew about the reunion and were planning on coming. Because high school was 10 YEARS AGO, so let the past be the past and see fun people who have changed and blah blah blah, it's funny to know that some people have apparently NOT changed... ;)

Two of my greatest friends, Derrick Thornton and Hayley Moyes (now Coussens). Derrick was the mascot one year and Hayley and I cheered together as well. I sat next to Hayley and Jake all night. and yes, I convinced Derrick and Jakobi to help me paint the high school rock. It was humourous to me that Derrick had actually never even painted the rock?!?! I have so many great memories of that silly rock...

We even figured they couldn't stick us in jail for it and left our names on it. :)

Jakobi, me, and Derrick. Great memories and fun times!

Also while down in Burley we had a baby shower for my sister, Britni and yes, I made her wear those silly glasses and lei to break open a pink pig pinata to get to my presents inside for her and her soon to be baby GIRL! Yes, after 3 boys, my sister get herself a girl! I'm still convinced it will come out a boy, so I got her little girl stuff in mostly the color blue... Just to be a booger. ;)

We also had a little cheerleader reunion breakfast at Perkins. Cari Ramsey, Anne Blauer, me, Ainslie Duncan (as stated before bestie friend, but no pic of her and me together) and Derrick. Man, those were some good years!

And one of the main reasons we made the trip was that my mom finished her last radiaiton treatment! Yeah! We all drove down to Twin Falls and surprised her with roses as she was walking out of her appointment.

She really was quite surprised and didn't have her glasses on and thought she had ruined a birthday surprise for the reception gal of something, but nope, it was her rowdy offspring and all their kids!

My kids and I and my brave, hopefully cancer free mother!

the Beck Family August 2011 with Grandma Mimi

Front L-R: Beck, Paisley, Jax, Broxton, Branson, and Bridger. Back L-R: Korbi, Justin, Bruce, Dawn, Jakobi, Lizi, Chad, Kalan, Britni, and Grandma Mimi

Grandma Mimi and I

We had dinner at Applebees after I took Beck to Target to get his new "black Converse" shoes for his first day of Kindergarten.

We also got to take the kids to the Cassia County Fair and Rodeo. Paisley, and her new bestie cousin, Lizi, and Beck riding in the suburban into the fair.

Beck at the rodeo

My kids and I at the Rodeo. Their favorite part was probably the cotton candy and popcorn. I pretty much let them have what they wanted because it was only a $1! I was shocked! Free fair admission, free rodeo admission for kids, cotton candy and popcorn for a $1?!?! We had died and gone to fair heaven!Jax, Paisley, Beck, and Lizi with their cotton candy

Most of the Beck Burley cousins at Maimi Dawn's and Papa Goose's house. L-Right: Broxton, Paisley, Branson, Beck, Abigail, Chloe, Jax, and Justin with mom's dog Zeus

and of course 4-wheeler fun!

Jakobi telling my kids a story before bed, when actually all she did was totally rile them up! Thanks Aunt Jake! (They LOVED it)

Feeding cows and horses with Papa Goose

Paisley being a farm girl

grandkids Beck, Broxton, Paisley, and Branson with great Grandma Mimi


The Black's said...

Loved looking at all your pictures! So happy and excited for this new baby coming for you guys! Sad to hear about your Mom....she looks like a fighter though:)

Heather Williams said...


Every once in awhile I visit your blog and catch up a little (hope you don't mind...since I don't know you very well). I'm so sorry for your mother and your family and all that she's had to go through...I hope everything looks up from here on. She's beautiful. That's got to be really hard to see your mother go through such a tough thing. And also, you look SO cute with your pregnant belly...congratulations! Take care.

Korbi said...

Heather- of course I don't mind ;)
My mom is a fighter and I hate watching her be sick, but her cute little bald head has got some peach fuzz on it now!! We like to play dress up in her wigs ;) she has a great attitude about the whole thing and frankly cancer sucks.... My heart goes out to all
The are affected by it!!! And that's a lot of people...