Sunday, August 14, 2011

Welcome Home Caitlynn Lawson!

So for the last summer months on Wednesday and Thursday nights I have been glued to my TV set watching Caitlynn Lawson on So You Think You Can Dance. She made it into the Top 6! A little history of my brush with fame... I had just moved ot Moses Lake and AIM gym was located at the old buidling over on Marina Drive. I was teaching a tumbling class to a bunch of dances from Todays Generation where Caitlynn was a dances. She had to have been about 9 or 10 years old. I remember how tiny and skinny she was. She reminded me of my cousin, Alexie, who is also an amazing dancer. I watched her perform numerous times and was also in amazement, so it was really no shocker that she made it onto the show!!! But to be dancing with that caliber was so exciting! I had watched the show before, but never with so much enthusiasm and emotion tied to the performances. My sister, Kortni, and I got super excited and went around to over 45 local businesses to get well wishes and "vote for Caitlynn" up on their reader boards and enlisted everyone we knew to watch and vote for her. It was all so fun! We bought Team Caitlynn shirts from the drill team fund raiser and supported her any was we knew how, even by voting hundreds of times via FaceBook and text messages. (I hacked my dad's fb account and Stephen's to be able to vote more, but only got up to about 900 votes due to falling asleep or giving up voting) People pulled together and it was so fun!

My kids LOVED watching the show with me. We had to choose between another favorite show, America's Got Talent. One night while watching AGTalent I was commenting on how good a Latin Dance group's performance was and how much I loved them! and Paisley, my 3 year old, looked at me with sad eyes and said, "even better than Caitlynn?!?!?!" of course not! She did great and made it into the Top 6! Kortni and I got asked by a friend to help plan a Welcome Home Party for her last that was held at the Moses Lake High School yesterday and we had fun planning a dance off, prizes, Caitlynn trivia, and poster, and teaching some of the drill team how to make a balloon arch. We had an awesome time being on TEAM CAITLYNN and helping support a very talented and definitely deserving girl from the little 'ol town of Moses Lake! Way to go Caitlynn! Congrats and don't look back girl, go on and dance your little heart out!

Beck with Caitlynn "I liked her." He also stated that she was "the prettiest girl!"

Paisley and Caitlynn

Me with Caitlynn Lawson

Caitlynn Lawson Fans at her Welcome Home Party

Beck won the break dancing portion of the danceoff at the Welcome Home Caitlynn party. BeThis is Beck and his break dancing instructor, Shanner. This was at the last day of Moovin and Groovin Gym Camp where they did break dancing...

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Stephen Ashton said...

o yeah, and Beck won the break dancing competition!