Monday, August 8, 2011

One of our new favorite activities this Spring and Summer is taking my Blazer out to the Sand Dunes. We've had some fun with friends and family alike! Stephen likes to also take just the kids out on an afternoon and drive around in the dunes. They throw their hands up and scream and laugh. They love it and always want to go out there.

Not to mention that we all come home SUPER DIRTY and its usually pretty late at night, so we wake up to sand in all of our beds.

Regular Sand Duners now!

Cousin Taryn came out with the Razor and took the kids for a ride.

And our beloved Blazer! That baby is a keeper! Best Anniversary present ever!

Grandpa Bobby Boy even joined us for this trip out to the dunes and helped Beck roast his hot dog by the super hot fire.

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