Tuesday, August 9, 2011

It's hard to believe that this was just a short time ago. Stephen says he thought that Grandpa Yorgesen would live forever. I remember thinking the same thing about my Grandpa Beck. Just always so full of life and laughter. Grandpa Yorgesen was known for his goofer stick and his mouse and frog finger. Here is Paisley making Grandpa show her the mouse over and over again... We were walking around Costco on our way to Ashton Family week when we were notified of Grandpa's passing. I knelt down to Paisly and said, "Grandpa Yorgesen passed away."

Pais: "oh man" (super sad face) Me: "He is now in Heaven" Pais: "Oh yeah (huge grin, clasping hands) with JESUS!" She was so excited.

and Beck holding Grandpa's frog finger...

A few days after Grandpa had passed Beck wanted to know where his "frog" was. Stephen was trying to explain and then resorted to telling him that it was boxed up somewhere. Then Beck wished out loud that he could have it...

This picture I took of Ann and her dad a week before he passes away at the Relay for Life in Othello. He looked so great and his passing was quick. Glad he didn't have to suffer.

Aunt Lillie, Ann in the middle, and Aunt Mary Lou (Grandpa's sister) at the cemetary

Stephen and our little familt saying goodbye to a great man

Paisley, Ashton, and Beck

Lillie, Ann, Jack, and Dave; Children of Frans and Verella Yorgesen.

The Bob and Ann Ashton clan

And what a more beautiful legacy could he have left? God Be With You Til We Meet Again Grandpa Yorgesen!

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Stephen said...

Frog not turtle. Great post though