Sunday, August 14, 2011

Day 2 of New York Road Trip

I promised Srephen that I would get going on our New York post and since he did Day 1, I will start at Mount Rushmore and the Corn Palace of Day #2 Those penny machines where you can choose an imprint of the place you are visiting. We were pretty consistent with these and hit most of them at the places we got to see. This trip really was the best trip ever...

Beck really liked how they "blew up the faces," or in other words how they blew up the big rocks on the side of the mountainto make the faces.

They had an area in the informational building where you could press down the dynamite press and watch a video and the mountain blows up. It was pretty neat and the kids did it over and over again.

Beck said that the "faces were big, taller than me!" I made Stephen drive 100 miles out of the way, so that we could see Mount Rushmore and it was so worth it! Very neat part of the Good ol U S of A!

After getting pulled over by a cop for trying to make a right hand turn in the wrong lane of traffic he gave us directions to the Corn Palace in North Dakota. Beck remembers that it was "made out of corn and we followed the corn feet. On the inside was a basketball place and I bought a smashed penny of the palace."

This isn't so bad, maybe I will actually finish posting about our New York Road Trip, just one day at a time though ;) SO stay tuned...

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