Thursday, December 22, 2011

Above are the AFTER pictures of Beck's big dental appointment that was yesterday. The one that we've tried 3 separate times To get his original dentist to get the work done, but he has such a high fear and goes crazy head butting, biting, screaming, and crying! We finally had to take him to an anesthesiologist to get it done. He was not very excited, but was brave and I'm glad to say we are cleared til free dental day in February! This dental work that he has needed since last February is finally done! I bawled like a baby, a hormonal
Pregnant emotional Baby when Stephen went back to the back with him to be put under. I was so nervous! The work took a little over an hour and he came out of it loopy and minus 3 teeth, a new silver tooth, and a spacer. They have him two of his teeth but one was so "mushy" (gross huh?!?!) they said we didn't want it.

This morning he ran downstairs (because he came up And slept on our floor) so fast to see what they tooth fairy had left him. 6 quarters and a note explaining that he for double for his 3 teeth because he was so brave at the dentist! I am so proud of my baby boy, and I pray one day that this insane fear subsides at least a little bit!
And on another note we spent 7 hrs walking around the mall and Costco in Spokane after another disappointing OB appt. trying to get baby Penelope here before spending Christmas Eve or Christmas Day in the delivery room... But alas, we are headed back to Moses Lake still very much pregnant.

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