Monday, December 19, 2011

The Christmas Season is here and we have been busy! And yes, I am quite large in the belly! This is at my Annual Girl's Night Favorite Things dinner with these girls that I have been getting together with for the past 5 years! Me, Amber Jenks, Katie Roylance, Jenica Heslop, and Bethany Jenks.

This year, Kortni's wonderful neighbors, Jerry and Teddy, let us cut a Christmas tree down from their back yard. We love it! Paisley and I went and picked it out and then our friend/neighbor B.J. Raymond, went and picked it up in his truck the next night. Stephen has been super busy working, so we even put it up by ourselves. Didn't send me into labor though!

And yesterday after church we decided to make delicious sugar cookies. The kids made sure to even have some for breakfast.

We crashed a PTA Fundraiser at a local school where my friend, Jenn Olson, was taking Santa pictures and I am so glad that we did! LOVE how they turned out!

Paisley had another ballet performance at a Sr Center here in town and my angel is a performer! She even looked at me right before the music started and said, "I gotta go pee," but she held it until her dance was over and then we jetted to the bathroom...

Paisley and her wonderful ballet and tap teacher, Amy Heuser. She does such a great job with the girls!

Paisley's class party was also today and Beck's is tomorrow.

She wanted NOTHING to do with Santa, but did let me snap a picture in front of their class tree.

And little baby Penelope is not here yet. On Friday after school I did drink a castor oil shake, which is disgusting weird tasting and had some crazy strong contractions start up about 7:00 while at the Ashton Financial Christmas dinner at Todd and Dena's house. We made it back to Moses Lake and after a fight with the bathroom (which the bathroom won) I decided to stay home and wait til the contractions got closer and stronger. I waited until they were about 3-4 minutes apart and then woke Stephen up at about 2:00am and we headed to the ER in Moses Lake. It felt exactly like Paisley, so I was convinced that we were having a baby in the next 30-40 minutes or so.... WRONG! so wrong, the contractions were doing absolutely nothing and they sent me home. Bummer deal AKA "Korbi's worst nightmare EVER!" I have always feared being sent home from the hospital. It's like being told, "hey, your a wimp, it's ok, come back when we can actually do something." I've had two kids before, one where I almost didn't make it to the hospital, so I thought I knew what was going on. WRONG. The contractions continued into Saturday morning while I suffered and whimpered at home and then BAM! They stopped a little bit before noon. Piss. Me. Off. Guess she's not ready. dang it. So after I had already called my Dr in Spokane who told me to come in if the contractions keep up in the next hour or two (which they stopped in that hour) I ended up still pregnant and still big and uncomfortable and going about my daily life. Church, kid's school, ballet performances, and Christmas parties. Oh well. She'll get here when she gets here. :) Wish me luck, so I'll know next time....


Jenny Robbins said...

I'm sorry you're still waiting for little Penelope. Hopefully, she'll come really soon. You are very cute pregnant though. :)

Jana said...

Penelope will come when she wants so quit trying to hurry her! And what do you mean so that you will know the next time?
Glad Paisley made it through her dance without peeing in her tutu. Gotta love the things kids do

Kelley Gubler said...

bummer. my little guy decided several times to cause quite a bit of contractions and then suddenly stop. not very funny. i feel your pain. hope you have that baby soon!