Saturday, December 31, 2011

We stayed in the hospital for 2 days. Due to my Lupus and how it wold affect Penelope, the crap in her stomach that kept spitting up, or the fact that I delivered after 5:00 we are not really sure... :) Stephen stayed with me the first night and the kids were with Kortni. Paisley was very brave and had no trouble what so ever and Beck slept with his Aunt Kortni with his arms tight around her neck wanting his mom. It took me until right before we left to sign the papers for Penelope's birth certificate and her middle name. I had wanted "Sky" for a long time, but then Stephen threw out "K." I wanted her named after me and Sky was a nickname I had when I was little with the S and the K from my name Sara Korbi. And my mom says that she wanted to name me Sky, because I was like a free spirit I guess. :) Stephen said that he liked the initial just K, but that it was up to me. Kalan said to add the "e" because it was cooler, so Penelope Skye Ashton is what I finally filled out the form with and I like it!

Dr Lindberg was gone and Dr Bond was on call, so he saw Penny and I may just decided on him being her Dr. I LOVE Dr Lindberg as well, but there's just something about Dr Bond, he's a great guy! Penny also saw him for her first Dr appt that was on Friday.

The day after she was born Stephen went and got the kids and stayed home with them. He took them to the movies, twice! and they had some Daddy time. I didn't sleep much in the hospital and was pretty wiped out by the time I got home. Penelope burps a lot and eats for a few minutes then gets suoer fussy because she needs to burp and we go thru this for about an hour until she's satified. I held her then entire time unless I was in the bathroom. :)

"Having a sister is like having a best friend that you can't get rid of."

Beck just loves his sister. Always ready with kisses and wanting to hold her.

I was up and ready to go home on Day 3 (Wednesday, she was born on Monday night) by 9 am, but Dr King had a bunch of surgeries and I wasn't able to see him to be released until 1:00. Stephen brought the kids back about 12:30 to get me and we changed Penelope into her "take home outfit," and snapped some more photos.

Penelope in her "take home outfit," on Day 3

Our three little angels, Paisley 3 yrs, Beck, 5 yrs, and Penelope 3 days

And she's finally home!Penny with her Christmas jammies on that she didn't get to wear because she missed her first Christmas by one day, much to my happiness!

Penelope's first bath at home on Day 4 after we had been to the High School to help with AIM Gymnastics' performance at the Boys BBall halftime show. Sbeck performed his break dancing and we had friends Josh and Alicia and their family over for pizza and wii games. But in between all that Penny got to scream thru her bath...

She was not a happy camper until she was cuddled up in her pink kitty towel!

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Pierce Family said...

What a darling little baby! Congrats to your growing family!