Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas morning was a slow start which was perfectly fine with Stephen and I. Paisley awoke at about 8:30 and then we went and woke up Beck who after hearing that Santa came bolted straight out of bed...

Stockings were first and they are right outside the kids' door. Even Penelope who had not joined our little family yet got two bath time books from Santa.

She didn't even know that it was a headlamp, but Paisley was pretty excited about it anyway.

She was pretty excited about anything that fell out of her stocking. I made the Christmas stockings over the last year and Beck and Paisley got to pick out the embelishments that went on their stockings.

The tree was next and the kids headed in full sprint!

Santa presents didn't take long and Paisley was ripping into presents, looking for ones with her name as fast as she could. Most of the time her little bum was sticking out from under the tree digging for more gifts to open. Beck took a little more time to examine his gifts as he opened them. They loved all the little animals they got. Below is a tea set from Grandma Ann for Paisley.

Uncle Bubba was finally wide awake after stockings and got to open a few gifts. It was so great to have him here!

And after all the chaos and fun was over a pose in front of the tree before we quickly hopped in the tub and got ready for church.

You can't really see the belly, but this is the day before Baby Penelope joined us. So she didn't get to wear her Christmas church dress.

Paisley 3 years old and Beck 5 years old Christmas morning.

Even Uncle Bubba got bribed to take a picture in front of the tree.

It was nice to go to church Christmas Day and be reminded of our Savior. There was beautiful music and hymns and the Primary kids sang. Beck grabbed the microphone afterwards and said, "hello!" Quite humorous. Stephen pretended that he didn't know it was him. A very Merry Christmas 2011 with great memories!

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Jenny Robbins said...

I love the picture of Paisley with the tea set. Her face is awesome!