Sunday, December 4, 2011

Our Burley trips always go by so fast. We got here Tuesday night and here it is early Sunday morning and we have to take off after baby Keema's blessing.

Paisley convinced Maimi Dawn to read her lots of books on the couch. Her favorite has been Alligator Baby. Mom has had good energy and kept up with the kids and I don't think she wants to kick us out yet! It's been so good to see her.

-And baby Keema is adorable, loved by all. Cutest thing really.

And then there's me; measuring 37 weeks and DONE! I'm still a kicking, running around, acting ginormous. My grandma Mimi looks at me with pity wondering how I'm ever going to make it 3-4 more weeks. I wonder the same thing myself. Lots of pregnancy pains and braxton hicks contractions that stop me in my tracks. Stephen looks over worried, "don't have that baby yet, I'm not ready." oh, I am do ready. I have to pee every Braxton hicks I have, so I visit the bathroom about every 45 min in the night. My belly hangs out the bottom of my shirt. I would secretly like to have baby Penelope before Christmas, but don't want to hope for too much. Beck wants to change her name to Winter like the dolphin movie we just watched at the Burley Theatre. I told him I was going to call her Penelope and he could call her Winter if he wanted :) he seemed satisfied.

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Victoria Gilbert said...

Aww you look so good! Those last few weeks are a killer. She'll be here soon! Penelope :) Very cute. Will you guys call her Penny? So cute that Beck wants to name her Winter!
Good luck with everything!!! Excited to see pics of your new little girl:)