Monday, December 5, 2011

Paisley asked Santa for a "candy cane," but also on her list is a baby unicorn and small baby kitties and a Rapunzel doll with long hair.

Beck asked Santa for "a Bakugan trap." He would also like a baby kitty, a toy one until Penelope turns one year old, Star Wars guys, and wii games.

Paisley, cousin Broxton, and Beck seeing Santa at the Festival of Trees in Burley, Idaho

My kids are pretty good at humoring me and my need for pictures documenting our every move...

Mom sat on her own Santa's lap the next day. Her preschool did a great job on their program and my little brother, Justin also played the violin for his performance at the Festival. My dad does such a great job at the Festival of Trees and has been in charge of it for as long as I can remember. We drove down to Burley for baby Keema's baby blessing. I didn't even get a picture of our family and her. My kids were not so cooperative at this point of the picture taking but it had been an eventful day...

We had to take off after sacrament meeting for the long drive back to Moses Lake.

Maimi Dawn, Justin, Papa Goose and Paisley, Grandma Mimi, and Beck.

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Crazy Conley Clan said...

I love the picture with Beck's arm around his little sister! :)