Saturday, June 2, 2012

 Penelope's first time swimming in a swimming pool! We visited Maimi Dawn and great Grandma Mimi at their hotel when they came to Moses Lake and got to swim around.
Penelope swimming at the pool with Paisley and Grandma Maimi Dawn.
 Cousin fun at the hotel pool! Back L-R: Beck, Penelope, Hanna, Alizah, Piper and Paisley in front.

 We took Mimi to Tri-cities to visit with her cousin, Carma. I always try and take a picture like this with my grandma Mimi. Well, not with that look on my face, but you get the idea.
 Penelope showing off Paisley's cool shades!
 4 generation. Penelope Skye, Sara Korbi, Dawn Themis, and Twylla Jean.
 Mimi and I AGAIN.
 Leaving for the airport. Me and the kids took them back to the airport on Thursday and the kids wanted to know when they were coming back!

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