Friday, June 15, 2012

 The kids and I took off to visit my twin sister, Jakobi in Philomath Oregon after Stephen went on a business trip to California. It's about a 6 hour drive and it takes up about 8 hours. I believe this is the 3rd summer that we have done this. My kids are pretty good little travelers, even with a packed van of stuff for Aunt Jake! 

The kids played Doctor
 played at the gymnastics center that Jakobi manages
 built forts, dressed up, and ate plenty of popsicles... Jakobi and I went shopping at Goodwill and Joanns.
 We dyed my hair and went to watch Jax play in a Tball game.
 And ate at the kids table in her living room.
 And then we took lots and lots of pictures!
 Paisley and Lizi really are the best of friends and play so great together!
 Lizi is 3 years old
 Paisley at 4 years

 Paisley, Beck, Penelope, Jax, and Lizi.
 Beck and Jax have a love/hate relationship ;)
 Beck at 6 years old
 and Jax at 4 years old
 and baby Penelope at 5.5 months
And then sadly after 3 days we left for the long drive back home. We miss our cousins!


Stephen said...

Looks like fun.

Jana said...

Thank you for posting! It's the only way I get to keep up with everyone. I know - I need to join Facebook but I know I would be too addicted and such a time waster! Looks like you guys had fun. Is that really you - kind of looks like Britni - and is your hair really that long? You always have it up so it kind of shocked me. And where is the picture of your pregnant sis?