Sunday, June 17, 2012

 Paisley with Coach Stacy Higgins
 toe dips on the beam
 Squat ons on the low bar
 pull up
 Salute! She loves her medal and has worn it for 2 days straight! Beck just got a medal for TBall, so now Paisley feels part of the clan.
Paisley "competed" at her Fun Meet at AIM this past Saturday. Her and Beck also performed with their dance classes. Beck with break dancing and Paisley with Ballet and tap. Stephen has been in Cali for the past two weeks and drove all night and made it in time for their performances. Paisley has been doing a great job in gymnastics. She takes a class with little Austin and Janell on Tuesdays for an hour and half a week from Coach (Aunt) Kortni. These little girls progress quickly and Paisley enjoys it.

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