Friday, June 1, 2012

 Springfest was super busy getting ready for the big performance at the Ampitheatre in the park and also the parade that night. I stress about being in charge and responsible of things like that for AIM School and Gymnastics! But Friday night I made sure we had some fun at the carnival. I bought some tickets from a gal on FaceBook that had bought them for her grandkids, but they couldn't make it, so I got 2 unlimited ride tickets for $35 and they are sposed to be $30/each. I was nervous that I got taken for my money, but they worked! The kids didn't ride much but after a while they started hopping on rides. We pretty much forced Beck onto the roller coaster.
 They both enjoyed the carousel. Stephen was looking sickly pale after about the 5th time around...

 The both played this game and got dolphins which seems to be their favorite animal since the movie "Dolphin Tale."
 We all shared a huge plate of curly fries and ate cotton candy for dinner.

 Paisley performed her dancing and also gymnastics at the performance in the park.

 I had to walk in the parade with the AIM float, but the kids got to watch and had fun watching all the floats.
 For AIM we always stick bars up on the float and the kids do their routines. Looks pretty cool. It's a Moonlight parade in Moses Lake. We don't start until after dusk and all the floats have lights on them.
 There is Penelope in her first parade in a front pack. She stayed awake the whole time!
 Paisley and her friend Brylee at their performance in the park.
Beck and his Little Root Rocker buddies performing their break dancing routine.

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