Friday, June 8, 2012

I walked into Tiffannis new salon last week and she decided it was time to cut Penelope's bangs- hanging waaayyyy too much in her eyes. So a quick little snip snip and Penelope's first hair cut was done! Beck had his hair cut at 4 months and his dark
curls turned strawberry blond into blond. I shaved Paisleys head at about 6 months because she was had no
hair on the sides and it was growing straight down the middle
and then she turned blond. Penny's hair has definitely lightened up a lot, but she's kept a lot of it, so I'm wondering if she will have nice thick hair like Becks? Only time with tell, but for now we stuck with a little trim of the the bangs. :)

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Samantha said...

Oh man. My baby Joslyn turns 2 this month and she still hasn't NEEDED a first haircut! Penelope is so cute!