Friday, June 1, 2012

 Beck graduated from Kindergarten this year. The year sure went by fast and I can't believe that I have a 1st grader! Here he is standing by his art work before AIM School graduation started.
 Paisley dancing as the pre graduation entertainment. She sure is cute up there!
 Paisley receiving her preschool graduation certificate from her 3&4's Spanish class teacher, Miss Marni. She blossomed this year with new friends, writing her name, and her singing in Spanish!
 Beck receiving his "diploma" for his Hinder graduation with teacher Miss Candace. He does so well in school always trying to please his teacher and learn in class. He has to sit on the red bench (timeout) mostly after getting to rough with classmates at recess. In class he's a complete angel, or so they tell me. It has been fun to help out behind the scenes a lot and watch him growing and learning.
 Grandma Maimi Dawn and great grandma Mimi were in town after flying into Seattle to spend time with Kortni and her girls at a pageant. They came to Moses Lake and made it for the Graduation and were able to spend a bit of time visiting. We took them back to the airport on Thursday (yesterday) It was super nice to see them and the kids woke up this morning not remembering that we had already taken them back and wanted to know if they were coming over or when we were going to see them again.
My little "Golden Graduate." Having spent the years from 18 months-Kinder Beck is a "golden Grad." Parent Tot class, 2 preschools, and now kindergarten. He sure is a cutie!

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