Sunday, September 27, 2009

Today is my other Grandpa Doodle's birthday! Grandpa Doodle passed away 2 years ago ago, it still seems like yesterday. My Grandpa Beck's funeral is on Tuesday. I went over to his house when we got here on Saturday (we stayed the night in Boise after Paisley vomiting most of the way home and we decided to stay and bring Jake home from the airport) and walked around and smelled his closets and looked at his newspapers on the table. and opened the cereal Wheaties box, well, just because. I can't explain it, yes, I am happy that he isn't suffering anymore, but it is just sad! My Grandpa Beck has always been around. It confuses me that he is gone. I want to cry, but I don't want to cry because I am happy. I know he is in Heaven... heck, if he doesn't get in, no one has a chance!!! It has been fun to read this book that he wrote in for my sister years ago. I had started typing it up a few months back, but then I packed up my desk, so that we could show our house, so it has been fun to get it out again. Well, Grandpa Beck, I miss you and so do a whole lotta other people, but I just want you to know all that good stuff that you did, well, people noticed, and the earth and Cassia County and this family is way better for having had you in it.


Jana said...

Who are the two kids that I don't know. I really can't even tell who is who in the picture. When I told Jennica and Katelin they couldn't beleive Grandpa Beck was 99 (he seemed that old to them when they were little.)

Anonymous said...

What great cuties!

Ryan & Rischel said...

Hey Korbi,
How are you doing? It's been a while. Come and visit sometime! Hope you are doing well,