Saturday, May 24, 2008

Altoid Tin mini Albums

For all of those that have been asking! I finally got around to it! I couldn't figure out to add a link to my own page, so that you didn't have to search for the instructions and pictures. But now I added a link to the correct post right under Paisley's picture and all you have to do is click it and scroll down. Best of luck making these cute tins!

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melanie said...

Ha ha the Altoid tin. Oh the memories. Let me tell you how to make a link. Go to your post on that day, October whatever. Then click on the title of the post (it should be a link). That makes it it's own page. Then copy and past that link and put it on your sidebar. Waaalaaa, no more scrolling. You go right to the post. You are so cute!