Sunday, May 11, 2008


We had such a great time in Mexico and got back late Friday night. We are VERY tired and wiped out! It was very hot and humid and little Beck got a little bit of a sunburn and Stephen got A LOT of a sunburn on his shoulders. We mostly hung out by the pool which Beck loved! He didn't quite love the ocean, every time the waves would roll in, he'd lift his feet up. We took Beck to go and see some dolphins and he got to swim with them and kiss one. At first he was screaming, "no daddy, no ju (water) out daddy, no!" But warmed up to the big "dishy" (fishy) swimming by him in the water and then when it was time to get out he was screaming to get back in! Paisley was a little trooper and stayed in my sling about 90% of the time. Both kids were great on the plane and Stephen did give in and buy Beck a little DVD player before we left. We had Beck on a "leash" at one point, mostly at the Denver and Cancun airports, and as silly as it looks, it was such a life saver! I will never again think little of anyone that has their child on one of these leashes! Our Hotel was beautiful, the ocean even more beautiful and we were so happy to have some family down there with us. Cousin Tayrn was a great older cousin and baby-sat Beck 2 nights, so that we could go to the company dinners. WE LOVE TARYN and so does Beck. Poor cousin Kylie let him chase her around the pool and even throw some sand on her a few times!

So we survived Mexico and had a great time and arrived home safely and on to Kalan's graduation from U of I that we attended on Saturday. Way to go Bubba! We are so proud of you and excited for what your future holds! (make lots of money and buy a jet that we can fly on) It was fun to see his project that he has been working on and see what a big shot he is. He will be attending Boise State working on his Masters which he only has one more year of. Again, way to go Bubba!


JENICA said...

your trip looks so fun!!. paisley looked beautiful today, it was such a nice blessing. glad to have ya back!

Cassidy said...

Mexico sounds like fun!!! I was going to tell you. . .I have a leash for Carter. I got it because our friend has one for her daughter, and Carter LOVES it. He thinks of it as a backpack. I got him it because he wanted it, so like you, I'll never judge people again because hey, they're handy, and if they're like my kid, they think it's a toy.