Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Police station and Bubba's internship

Today was a pretty fun day. We met one of the preschool classes at the Police Station for a field trip. My little brother Kalan is still here, so he came too and him and I had some fun getting our "mug shots" taken and I even got in the back of the police car with Beck and Paisley. After the police station we walked to the park and I followed Beck around taking pictures and Kalan got tired and had to rest after he pushed the babies Piper and Beck on the swings for "hours." It started to rain on us a little bit, but that didn't stop the kids from playing.

Kalan got some great news today from an architecture(spelling?) firm based in Seattle... he got the internship he had interviewed for yesterday! They had sent him home with some homework of 5 things why he wanted to work there and today he e-mailed them his "homework" and 20 minutes later they called and asked him when he could start! Kortni and I had been chatting today about how we thought maybe he had aimed too high because he had no experience and we were really worried, (he had told us that the interview hadn't gone well) but look at him now! I really had no doubt against his skills, he really is quite talented, I was just so worried... And he doesn't help it by saying how awful all the interviews have gone! But it all worked out and now he is frantically looking for a place to live. So yet again, way to go Bubba!


Cassidy said...

Okay Beck's jacket is so cute! Where'd you get it? Also, I love the sling. I think you've converted me to getting one. It just looks so handy, and it's cute! I feel for your brother and the swings. That's all Carter will do. If we go to a park with swings, you'd better believe Carter will be on it the WHOLE time.

sarakorbi said...

I got Beck's coat at a yard sale last summer

Ivy R. Hendrickson said...

Key Korbi, there are tons of guys in my ward, I can forward on a contact if your brother needs a room in Seattle.