Thursday, May 22, 2008

Potty training, 1st sandwiches, and Spring Fest

Beck likes to get my attention by telling me that he has to go "poo." Whenever I am on the computer or talking to somebody and he wants me to come and get him or play with him and stop what I am doing he says, "poo, poo, poo." I've figured out that he's pretty much lying to me, unless he says it really urgently. Then we race to the potty and he goes. He's not too good about catching when he needs to pee though, so we will slowly work on that. I bought him a potty chair about 4 months ago, but I knew that this would be a slow process, ecspecially with Paisley's arrival. He's been so interested in it for such a long time, I just figured we'd start trying. I'm really in no rush though and I'm sure that I'm probably going about it "all wrong," but when he's ready it will hopefully all fall into place.

Speaking of all this Big Boy stuff, Beck made his first sandwich today. We really don't eat a whole lot of Pb&J around here, probably because I forget that it's an option, but he wanted to make one, so I let him have at it. He didn't eat it of course, but had fun in the process.

Thursday night we went over to Springfest and met Bethany, Jason, and Roman Jenks there. We ate some high priced food, got rained on a bit and we let the boys go on one ride. They had been standing in line for a while, but when they got up there neither were tall enough, so we moved onto the next one, luckily it was a car ride too. Beck sure likes his friend Roman. Their little sisters won't be far apart in age either. When the ride started Roman took his "I'm a cool dude position" with arm slung over the side and stayed there for the whole ride. This was his first carnival ride. Beck loved the ride, and didn't want to leave. But his dad is a cheapskate (so is his mom) and after paying $4for this car ride were not willing to shell out any more money for a wristband considering it was the only ride he was tall enough to ride by himself. After leaving the ride he was begging to go on the big ferris wheel. He wanted to go on the bigger rides so bad. He kept doing his "round and round" motion with his hands and saying "me, go" Yeah, talk about breaking his mama's heart. He just didn't understand that he wasn't big enough! Springfest goes through the rest of the weekend and we also have 2 performances with the gymnastics and the cheer. Hope we don't get rained on!


Anonymous said...

HE is going to hate you in the future for that picture.

Brit said...

Man I was really behind You have had a lot going on!! I hope Beck's surgery goes okay. I love all the pictures from Jenn's birthday. How fun you guys are. I also love the picture of Paisley's first smile. SOO cute!!! Tell Beck to just keep trying!!!

Deborama said...

Im so behind, its so fun to read all you've been doing. Don't start potty training right now, you'll get high blood pressure! I don't know how you do so much, I lay on the couch for months and just squish my babies when I have them, I am the laziest person ever I didn't know it was even possible to take a shower that soon. :)

Joel and Michelle said...

Cute pictures! Good job Beck! I've been thinking about going for it with Piper, too. I need to train myself to do it, though! When is Beck's eye surgery? Hey! I see Stephen smiling in that on picture!

Samantha said...

Oh spring fest looks like so much fun. I didn't really go a lot to it when I was in high school but now that i have kids it makes me a little homesick! Hope you didn't get rained on more.